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22 Years ago today, this man’s life perished.

I never met him, I never knew him, but this man has completely changed the way I look at the world, and I thank him every day for that. 

Inadvertently, he taught me how to look past societies unkind growth, and focus on real beauty of this world. 

Thank you Mr. Chris McCandless for changing my life for the better.

Rest in paradise Supertramp. 

February 12, 1968 - August 18, 1992 

rest in peace alex



CURRENTLY READING: ‘A Short Guide To A Happy Life’ by Anna Quindlen.

Always love small books like this filled with quotes & food for thought sort of things. Will definitely be a quick read at only 60 pages.

BOOK 30/60 OF 2014 READING GOAL - woo half way!

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